Russian Mercenary Leader's Plane Crashes

Yevgeny Prigozhin, founder of the Wagner private military company, was aboard a plane that crashed north of Moscow, leaving no survivors.

Rebellion Against Russian Military

Earlier this year, Prigozhin led an armed mutiny against the Russian military, drawing President Putin's ire, who labeled it as “treason”.

Putin's Reaction

President Vladimir Putin once denounced the rebellion as a “stab in the back” but charges against Prigozhin were dropped. He was then allowed to retreat to Belarus.

Airplane Crash Details

En route from Moscow to St. Petersburg, the plane crashed almost 300 kilometers north of Moscow. All 10 passengers on board, including crew members, perished.

Speculations Around Prigozhin’s Presence

Russia's aviation agency and Wagner commanders confirmed Prigozhin was on the plane. Another key figure, Dmitry Utkin, was also reportedly on board.

Plane's Sudden Descent

Videos reveal the plane freefalling from a smoke cloud, with evidence pointing to a potential mid-flight explosion. Images hint that the plane lost a wing.

Investigation Underway

Russia's Investigative Committee is probing the crash for potential violations of air safety rules. All 10 bodies have been recovered from the crash site.

Prigozhin’s Impact on the War

Despite his potential death, Prigozhin's absence may not affect Russia’s war in Ukraine, where his forces were involved in significant battles.

Prigozhin's Recent Activities

This week, Prigozhin released a recruitment video for Wagner, highlighting its efforts in reconnaissance, making "Russia even greater, and Africa even more free."

The Kremlin's Vengeance?

As the news of the crash emerged, speculations hint at possible Kremlin involvement. Observers suggest the Kremlin may not counter the prevailing narrative of retribution.