The End of an Era: Riverdale Series Finale Recap

A look back at the heartfelt and emotional last episode of CW's "Riverdale," which started as a darker adaptation of Archie Comics back in 2017.

Betty Cooper: The Last Gang Member Standing

Betty Cooper, now 86 and played by Michele Scarabelli, opens the episode by expressing her desire to revisit Riverdale one last time.

Dreams and Angels: Betty’s Journey Back

A dream sequence featuring Jughead as an angel allows Betty to go back to her roots and see Riverdale once more.

Archibald Andrews: California Bound

Betty sees Archie preparing to leave Riverdale for California, making viewers wonder about what could have been between them.

Alice and Polly: A Glimpse into the Past

Betty gets to visit her childhood home, seeing her mom Alice and sister Polly, reminding her of simpler times.

Nostalgia Hits Hard at Riverdale High

Betty remarks about the beauty and fleeting nature of youth during her visit to Riverdale High School.

Tragic News: The Loss of Fangs

A heart-wrenching moment occurs as Betty learns of Fangs' death in a bus crash, signifying the end of an era.

Where Are They Now: Riverdale’s Graduates

Quick updates on Veronica’s success in Hollywood, Kevin and Clay's life in Harlem, and other characters provide closure for fans.

The Complex Love Lives of the Core Four

The episode addresses the Betty-Archie-Veronica-Jughead love web, suggesting a surprisingly open-ended but affectionate solution.

A Bittersweet Goodbye: Betty’s Final Moments

Betty’s life comes full circle as she peacefully passes away, putting a sentimental cap on the saga of Riverdale.