A Legend Passes

"Arleen Sorkin, the voice behind Harley Quinn, passes away at 67."

Dynamic Duo

"Mark Hamill pays tribute to Sorkin, his iconic co-star in 'Batman: The Animated Series.'"

Beyond Harley

"From voice acting to 'Days of Our Lives,' Sorkin's versatility shines through."

A Lasting Legacy

"The character inspired by Sorkin, Harley Quinn, remains a DC favorite."

In Her Words

"Neil Kaplan on Sorkin: An 'incredible talent' whose voice touched millions."

Awards and Accolades

"Four Soap Opera Digest Awards and two Daytime Emmy nominations highlight Sorkin's illustrious career."

From Comedy to Cinema

"Sorkin's early days with 'The High-Heeled Women' and her role in co-writing 'Picture Perfect.'"

Family First

"Arleen Sorkin, survived by husband Christopher Lloyd and their two sons, Eli and Owen."

Industry Mourns

"DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn: 'Rest in Peace, Arleen Sorkin. Love to her family and friends.'"

Remembering an Icon

"Fans and peers alike pay tribute, cementing Sorkin's place as an irreplaceable figure in entertainment."